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Happy 1st birthday to Burgundy Wave!

Everyone have some cake!
Everyone have some cake!

It was a year ago today - July 11th 2010 - that I made the first ever post on my old Blogspot blog that would eventually be moved up onto SBnation and become Burgundy Wave two months to the day later. (Strangely, I waited another four days until the Kansas City Wizards game to actually make a real content post on it!) Since then, the blog has seen well over 450 posts on it, gained two new staff members and gained a still pretty small but I like to think fairly decent following.

As for statistics, we recently eclipsed 52,000 total views in the year - though obviously that only covers the time we've been on SBnation - gained over 200 members in that time and have eclipsed my at the time meager expectations for what we would turn into by now. We may not be the most widely read blog on SBnation soccer - in fact, I still have a sneaking suspicion that we're the least read - but the steady growth that we've seen is enough to make even an old pessimist like myself grin.

Thanks to my friends Ben and Jed for being a part of this and helping me through some of the harder times running this thing, thanks to Russ Oates from SBnation Denver who gave me my first ever writing gig on SBnation covering the Rapids over there (and sorry for being more of a lacrosse only provider over there since things around here picked up!) and thanks to Dave Clark from Sounder at Heart for giving me the chance to run this thing in the first place, I'm glad you gave me the opportunity and I hope you've all enjoyed me so far.

Most of all, thanks to everyone who's read the blog and encouraged me along the way to keep at it, you guys are awesome. It's been a whirlwind of a year as the Rapids won their first ever MLS Cup, I got to travel to Baltimore to liveblog the MLS draft and I've met all sorts of awesome people both with the Rapids and otherwise. Here's to another year just as exciting on this little corner of the internet that I and other Rapids fans can call home.

And for laughs, my internet buddy who goes by the name SeriousSirrus decided to write us a sea shanty.

OH say was you ever on Burgundy Waves, Ohhhh... Bur-gun-dy!
Oh birthday time cometh for Burgundy waves, Ohhhh..Bur-gun-dy!
Say goodbye to Charlie, say goodbye to Sue, birthday's come for Burgundy Waves!

All right, enough of that. Now back to the Rapids. :)