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Brian Mullan vs. Seattle Sounders this week makes an intriguing story

'But I don't wanna go to Seattle!'
'But I don't wanna go to Seattle!'

Under normal circumstances, the Colorado Rapids vs. Seattle Sounders game this Saturday would just be another mid-season game in MLS. Unfortunately, this is not your average game thanks to Rapids winger Brian Mullan's effect on the season series between these two teams. You may remember that back on April 22nd, Mullan made a terrible decision after being ghost-fouled and made an idiotically hard and reckless diving tackle at Steve Zakuani to win back the ball, snapping his leg and earning the longest suspension in MLS history because of it.

A lot of Sounders fans were calling for ludicrous suspensions like a lifetime ban from the game or at the very least a ban until the end of the season. 10 games and a $5000 fine was all that he had, leading up to his release back when the Rapids played the Columbus Crew a few weeks ago. Now the question becomes, 'will Brian Mullan play against the Sounders in front of 30,000+ that will be out for blood against him?'

I've been asked on twitter and other places if I expect Brian Mullan to play the game against Seattle, and my answer from the very beginning of the saga has been 'most likely'. Obviously this season the lineups have been a bit of a wildcard, but coach Gary Smith has never been the type to keep what he perceives as the best 11 players on the team off of the field. In that regard, Brian Mullan is most certainly the best option at winger alongside Jamie Smith so barring injury or fatigue from Brian - especially since he played so well against the Whitecaps - I expect to see him in his usual midfield spot come Saturday.

God speed to the guy if that happens, I certainly wouldn't want to be out there in his position... especially with Seattle fans already threatening to throw things at him! (And let's not get into the death threats.)