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Gold Cupdate - USA beats Canada 2-0

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In front of a decent crowd and on a less than decent pitch at Ford Field Detroit - really Detroit, turf with a rug over it?! - the United States national team beat Canada yesterday by a decent if not dominant score of 2-0. The score didn't exactly flatter the Canadians but it really never looked in doubt that the United States were going to carry this one home on their home field.

The USA offense featured Juan Agudelo and Jozy Altidore up top, and that pairing turned out to be surprisingly worthy of praise considering how little Altidore had done since 2009 in repeated caps for the team and Agudelo's terrible game against Spain. Altidore started the scoring 15 minutes in with the Jozy Goal Special; you know, shooting it right at the goalkeeper and hoping it winds up going in? Well, it went in thanks to a terrible attempt at a save by Lars Hirschfeld, trickling past the line off of his arm.

The quick goal advantage seemed to be all the United States needed in order to sit back and take the game at a far slower pace. Canada had several decent chances at getting the equalizer before half-time, but most were snuffed out by the United States defense or one of several rogue off-side calls. Dwayne De Rosario was quiet all night long, which spelled disaster for the Canadians offense.

The match stayed in the States' court and any fears that the Canadians would have a comeback were lifted quickly in the 62nd minute as Altidore picked up the assist on a superb diving effort by Clint Dempsey that made the match 2-0 in favor of the Red, White and Blue. Ali Gerba came in for the Canadians to try for the late spark but other than forcing two great saves out of Tim Howard, there was little chance for the Canadians to even come back in the Goal Differential category.

The USA faces Panama next on Saturday and currently lead their group. Go Yanks!