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Dissecting the draws

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Colorado set a historical mark - well, actually two historical marks if you count the longest unbeaten streak in Franchise history - last Saturday against the Philadelphia Union when they drew their sixth straight game, 1-1. The six draws in a row are the most that any team has had in a row in Major League Soccer's short history, and it's beginning to get a bit frustrating to watch for Rapids fans, as the majority of these games were winnable.

Let's dissect these seven draws - I'm including the one against the Chicago Fire because quite frankly that Houston win probably should have been a draw as well! - and see how the Rapids would have probably done had the games ended not in draws but in more pleasing results to the eye, perhaps in a world where there were no draws like back in the mid 90's. (Remember those days?!)

Basically, let's dissect the form of Colorado through these draws and see just how good or bad Colorado has really been throughout.

Chicago Fire Home 1-1
Who scored first: Chicago, Colorado retaliated in the second half.
Which team had the better play overall?: Close, but Colorado had the edge. Chicago's only goal as well as most of their chances came on the counter while Colorado had the bulk of the possession throughout the match. Had it not been for a weakened defense, Chicago might not have scored at all.
Non-draw Result: Colorado Win

New England Away 0-0
Who scored first: N/A
Which team had the better play overall?: New England. Colorado didn't have much of a chance during the game to put a ball in the net, while Matt Pickens had to make several saves and there were a few balls cleared off the line near the end to keep it 0-0.
Non-draw Result: New England Win

DC United Away 1-1
Who scored first: Colorado, DC got a PK in the second half to equalize
Which team had the better play overall?: Tough call, but other than the fact that DC needed a very bad PK called for them to get a goal out of it, the game was fairly even all around otherwise. This was probably the most fair draw out of the seven. I'll say Colorado wins because I'm a terrible raging homer and they did score first.
Non-draw Result: Colorado Win

Toronto FC Home 0-0
Who scored first: N/A
Which team had the better play overall?: Colorado. They had the lion's share of the possession and their passing was top notch, they probably should have scored a goal but most of their chances didn't turn into shots. Toronto just didn't do a damn thing all day.
Non-draw Result: Colorado Win

New York Red Bulls Away 2-2
Who scored first: Colorado. They scored third as well but New York quickly came back both times.
Which team had the better play overall?: Colorado had a slightly better game, getting two leads before defensive lapses and a terrible game by Pickens led to come-backs. Colorado should probably have scored a winner in the final minutes as well with so many great chances falling by the way-side.
Non-draw Result: Colorado Win

Sporting Kansas City Home 1-1
Who scored first: Colorado, Sporting answered back in the second half.
Which team had the better play overall?: Sporting by an unfortunate country mile. They beat the Rapids in just about every statistic except for goals. Even the Rapids one goal was a bit fluky.
Non-draw Result: Sporting Win

Philadelphia Union Home 1-1
Who scored first: Colorado, Philly retaliated four minutes later.
Which team had the better play overall?: Colorado in most facets. Although they had several slow periods where Philly had the better play, the Rapids outshot Philly by five with an extra shot on goal, and their regular shots looked more dangerous overall. They also had much better and more frequent passing than the Union.
Non-draw Result: Colorado Win

So after our totally scientific study here, we come out with a surprisingly respectable 5-2. The point of this? Well, Colorado has certainly not been playing terribly in this draw streak but unfortunate timing on opposition goals and the occasional crapping of the bed by the offense in tough places has lead to this great eight game unbeaten streak wherein seven of them were the almighty tie. A simple burst of good luck is all it would have taken from most of these games to make another Houston situational win.