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Gameday Linkdump.

As usual, here's some fun reading material for you before the game today.

Monday Morning Centre Back: Koke is Spanish for Quitter - Dynamo Theory - Cowardly move by Koke to ditch out on the Dynamo. The opposite of class from the selfish striker after a few sub-par appearances.

BBC Sport - Wolverhampton Wanderers release keeper Marcus Hahnemann - Hahnemann was a member of the Rapids squad in 1997 that made the MLS Cup final against DC United. He's getting old but don't forget that he was an EPL starter last season, it takes a lot of skill to get that far. Seattle appears to be the team most interested in him in MLS.

YouTube - ‪Two Kids On The Sidelines Episode 117‬‏ - No Fan Alone's weekly... I'm not sure what this is, but it involves children and Ross LaBeaux.

USA eyes potential 2022 World Cup revote - World Soccer - Yahoo! Sports - Hurr durr

Hannover and U.S. international winger DaMarcus Beasley's possible move to Mexico would be a blow for MLS - - I disagree that losing Beasley would be a terrible thing for MLS. It's true that we can use as many high profile players as we can get around this league but I would argue that losing a player to the Mexican leagues isn't really a blow. If he went to Qatar or something, I'd get worried. It's a money and prestige issue and Mexico wins in both of those capacities.