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Drew Moor a question for tomorrow's Philadelphia Union match?

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Colorado has been dealing with injury problems the entire season now, missing people from pretty much all over the pitch including defenders, (Marvell Wynne, Anthony Wallace) midfielders, (Pablo Mastroeni, Jamie Smith) and strikers (pretty much every striker except Andre Akpan, actually). Just about every position except for Goalkeeper has been in question at times throughout 2011, and even Matt Pickens has suffered a knock or two as the season has progressed but played through it each time.

One thing that hasn't been in question has been center back Drew Moor. Moor has earned the name of the Rapids Iron Man, and it is a well deserved name to be sure. Every single game since the beginning of last season has featured Drew in the defense in some capacity, and he hasn't even been gone a minute. If there's a man you can pencil into the line-up for a full 90 every week, it's Drew.

Unfortunately, hamstring problems - what is up with this team and hamstring problems?! - have started to catch up to Moor and tightness in his leg might keep him from the game tomorrow against the Philadelphia Union. Drew has certainly played through knocks before but with a fairly easy month in terms of the number of games there is a chance that coach Smith might just sit Moor out, at least for a couple of minutes of the match tomorrow. That would be the first time that Moor missed a minute as part of the Rapids since being traded from FC Dallas to Colorado in 2010.

We certainly hope to see our best defender out there on the pitch tomorrow, even with the hammy issue he would still probably be better than the alternative. (Hint: the alternative is Scott Palguta.)