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Burgundy Wave Presents the Rapids Thugcast - Episode 4

It's that time again, our weekly podcast has been released, featuring myself and Bulldog Ben. Jed's not here this week, booooo. Apparently he had something better to do, although that could pretty much be anything.

Take in this week's show and you'll hear us cover such exciting topics as:
* The Sporting Kansas City match and how badly the Rapids got outplayed during the 1-1 draw at home.
* The newest round of Jersey Sponsor rumors and why you probably shouldn't get your hopes up - just like the last twenty times.
* Another fan letter, this one from Richard Terry. He requests we talk about some of the recent coach sackings that have taken place in MLS.
* Laughing at Sepp Blatter and the current mess that is FIFA.
* Previewing this Saturday's Philadelphia Union game, including discussing their 6-2 drubbing of Toronto and the seeming inevitability of a draw happening between them and the currently draw-happy Rapids.

Click on the Logo below to listen!