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Gameday Linkdump

Let's just all forget about what happened yesterday, shall we? ...Yeah. Here's a gang of links for you to read before game-time against the Crew tonight.

Gold Cup: Costa Rica's Marshall dies in car accident | - Sad news out of Costa Rica last week.

In Support of the Fort - We all know about what happened to Revolution fans in Gillette Stadium with the security debacle. Supporters groups across MLS created a group to 'Support the Fort'.

U-17 MNT starts off World Cup in style - Hot Time In Old Town - Well at least the U-17 team isn't completely terrible, right guys? Right? ...Guys?

Germans to hold oracle octopus competition during Women’s WC - Dirty Tackle - World Soccer Blog - Yahoo! Sports - This is pretty much the greatest thing ever. Not only are they buying into the Octopus thing again, but they're extending it to other sects of the footballing world.