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Gamethread - Mexico @ United States

Here we go, USA! It's finally time for the biggest game that the US will see for a long time. I'm throwing up a gamethread just in case anybody wants to talk about the USA vs. Mexico Gold Cup final before, during or after the events of the final have occurred.

This game will certainly be a close match between two good teams, and Mexico being forced to play an extra 30 minutes last match with only two days rest might give the United States the advantage but I can't look past the incredible offensive talent that Mexico will be trotting out and compared to the comparatively weak United States offense that will be missing Jozy Altidore.

Go United States, take home the cup for the first time since 2007! A spot in the Confederation's Cup is at stake, and silverware for a national team is never a bad thing.

UZ'S PREDICTION - 2-1 Mexico (Albeit in extra time)