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Colorado Rapids and Columbus Crew fans get lucky

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It's been a problem circulating the circuits around various MLS fanbases since Wednesday. The United States and Mexico are playing in the Gold Cup final on Saturday, which is the usual day that you'll see football matches played world-wide. MLS is no exception, and nine matches will be held mostly in the afternoon tomorrow, which will unfortunately clash with the final, being played at 7 PM Mountain Time. Fans of teams like Portland, Dallas and Kansas City will be forced to choose between club and country, or be forced to watch two games at once as the very best scenario.

Fortunately for us, the Rapids/Crew game is on Sunday. We will be free to take in the Gold Cup final with no worries about our MLS squad until the next day, a small bit of luck in the scheduling for the Yank faithful in Colorado.

So for once, MLS scheduling has given the Rapids something to cheer about - or at least those of us who are from the United States and Mexico! Eat, drink and be merry tomorrow everyone; you'll have a full night to sleep off that Gold Cup hangover before watching the Rapids take on the Columbus Crew at Crew Stadium on Sunday.