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Short Scouting Report - Columbus Crew

Pictured: Every Crew fan during a road game
Pictured: Every Crew fan during a road game

The Columbus Crew just two years ago were the toast of the town and the top class of MLS. Between 2008 and 2009 they won three trophies, including their first ever MLS Cup against the New York Red Bulls as they 'did the double' as it were after also winning the Supporters Shield. Even last season they made the US Open Cup final and made some noise in CONCACAF's Champions League, but after a second straight year of collapsing to an underdog in the first round, they broke up the band as it were. Talent like Frankie Hedjuk and Guillermo Barros Schelotto were dropped while very little was brought in by the Crew over the offseason.

As expected, the now talent depleted Crew are not having a season up to par with their previous dominant campaigns from 2007-2010.

They do still have a lot of talent on the team, at least on the offensive side. Andres Mendoza is actually starting to catch up to his status as a DP while they have prolific MLS goalscorer Jeff Cunningham on the squad as well. William Hesmer is one of the better goalkeepers in the league, although the rest of the defensive corps around him aren't exactly doing their part. One thing to note about the Crew is their home record vs. their away record. Columbus have only won a single game on the road, while at home they've only lost once, their most recent game against the Fire.

Meanwhile yearly underachiever Robbie Rogers is on the team as well, still in denial that he lost to Denver on penalty kicks. (Couldn't resist, sorry.)