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Why do we have a Left Back controversy?!

This is my face whenever Colorado starts Danny Earls.
This is my face whenever Colorado starts Danny Earls.

The last thing that the Rapids need after that huge injury spat and a string of mediocre results including seven draws and a loss in their last 10 games is a controversy at any positions on the pitch. Unfortunately, coach Gary Smith seems to have decided that he has no idea who he wants to play at left back, with three players - two of which have subpar quality - getting starts recently.

Anthony Wallace is clearly the best player that the Rapids have at left back. I don't even see an argument against that. Danny Earls hasn't shown a single thing since the first couple of games last season and his confidence on defense is about akin to any random second grader you could throw onto the field to play. His last game may have been one of the worst ones that we've seen him play as a Colorado Rapid, just barely beat out by that Dallas game last season.

Scott Palguta got a pass from his pretty bad play all season since he scored a game-winning goal against Houston, but there's still no way he should be a starting back in MLS in my opinion. Wallace certainly isn't the best player on the team - he still lacks a bit of confidence and has to get by on his athleticism sometimes when his defensive skills fail him - but there is no player with a better pedigree than Anthony right now on the Rapids.

Is there any player besides Wallace that you would honestly prefer to see on Saturday against the Columbus Crew?