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Burgundy Wave Presents the Rapids Thugcast - Episode 5

So yeah, this week the episode features... me talking to myself. Long story, I tell it at the beginning of the episode. Either way, I'm not all that good at talking by myself so this isn't quite our best material! Ben and hopefully Jed will be back next week along with my sanity and computer.

Listen to this trainwreck episode and hear me blab about the following topics:

* My computer issues and how there were like 3 different takes of this episode - I even gave up slapping the intro and outro on it after all the problems were over. Ugh.
* A happy birthday shout-out to Jed
* The Portland game's 1-0 result for the Rapids along with a thanks to the Timber's Army for being so cool about hosting us after we hosted them
* A long rant about how much the US Men's National Team is terrible and will never win a world cup at this rate
* Previewing the LA Galaxy game happening tomorrow, drink every time I say the word "Donovan" if you want to get sloshed real quick.

Click on the logo below for this week's episode!