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Colorado Rapids vs. Los Angeles Galaxy - Three Keys to the Game

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Both teams in this match are playing on the backs of some good undefeated streaks. The Los Angeles Galaxy haven't lost in eight straight games while Colorado has set and broken their own team record with nine games undefeated. While Colorado's streak (2-0-7) might be less impressive than the Galaxy's numbers (4-0-4), Colorado won their previous game while the Landon Donovan-less Galaxy have drawn their last two in frustrating fashion. A 0-0 match against DC at home provided a lack of offensive fire-power while they allowed Toronto FC - possibly the worst team in the league - to take away two leads en route to a 2-2 draw, also at home.

Long story short, Los Angeles will be out for blood, Donovan-less they may be. Here's three things that can help the Rapids keep themselves on the unbeaten run and perhaps even beat LA at home, something they failed to do last year as they lost 1-0 in one of only two losses at home they would endure.

Keep the Attack Strong - The Cummings/Casey tandem up top was one of the big reasons why the Rapids managed to beat the Galaxy 3-1 in LA last season - both players notched a goal for themselves in that match - and it was a staggering lack of confidence in the attack that caused the Rapids to lose 1-0 in Commerce City to them last year. The offense still flows through the strikers in this offence despite what the numbers may be showing, so it's imperative to their success that they get the ball to the now healthy Cummings and in turn to Casey in good positions. It's been so long since we've seen the magic that those two can put together on the pitch that it's easy to forget that they are the best duo in MLS. They'll need to continue to be the best against that strong if occasionally inexperienced Los Angeles defence.

Control the Midfield - With the best player in MLS - in my opinion anyway - Landon Donovan playing in their starting XI, the Los Angeles Galaxy can argue they have the best midfield in MLS, probably fighting up with Real Salt Lake at the top when both teams are at full strength. Without Donovan, it becomes a bit more muddied as they are filled with young guys that haven't quite hit their full potential like Juninho and guys like David Beckham who is frightening but mostly only on set pieces and crossing attempts. The underrated Colorado midfield at full strength can probably match up with the Donovan-less LA midfield quite well, and they're going to have to do that - especially keeping the ball from David Beckham on the wing - to keep LA off the board. Their strikers are not all that great now that Buddle is gone.

Injuries - I seriously say this every game now, don't I? ...Well, it's still relevant. The Rapids have already had a season's worth of lost man-games, they can't afford all that many more from a team that's won games simply by being such a great unit together.