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Is Anthony Wallace being held out?

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Colorado Rapids left back Anthony Wallace is currently 22 years old and on his second stint with an MLS squad after being pretty much completely shut out during his time with FC Dallas. He came to the Rapids last season in a trade for a low draft pick that wound up being a supplemental pick for Dallas, and quickly established himself as a shaky but decent starter at left back, a position that had been up in the air all season. He continued to have a hold on the position up until and during the MLS Cup.

He started this season as the first choice starter as well after a quiet off-season that saw the exact same three players stay on the team at LB, including Danny Earls and Scott Palguta. Wallace is most certainly the most talented overall of those players as well as the player with the best ceiling with the three; Palguta has never been a great player and is already in his late 20's while Earls wasn't all that impressive last year and hasn't shown much special in his time with Colorado, being more steady than skilled until his collapse late in the year. Wallace on the other hand is a long time US Men's National Team prospect and has shown some fantastic skills since showing up here.

Wallace has missed some time due to injury this season - and who hasn't on this team, really - but has seemingly been sitting out games in perfect health giving the spot to Drew Moor or Palguta, including the last match against the Portland Timbers. His play hasn't been bad this season, making a lot of fine defensive plays along with picking up an assist for himself, and he certainly hasn't been outplayed by Palguta.

So why is Anthony Wallace seemingly in Gary Smith's doghouse? A lingering injury we haven't heard about? Bad practices for the young back? Your guess is as good as mine.