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Gameday Linkdump

As usual, we're here to provide you with something to read before game-time. Here's the gameday linkdump.

The United States Is Not Catching Up To Mexico, The World - - Kevin nails it here, the States will not be going anywhere at their current rate of 'growth'.

The Free Beer Movement: The Great Jersey Question. Buy American. - I am probably one of the biggest advocates against bandwagoning in sports that I know, so this article is a favourite of mine. I simply can't respect a natural born American who's probably of Irish heritage supporting Spain.

Spanish hangover: Was U.S. Soccer a little naïve here? - Daily Soccer Fix - That game was a complete failure on just about every level!

MLS Tifo of the Week – Week 12 | The Endline - The Pid Army got the Tifo of the week for... holding their shoes aloft during a chant. Even Pid Army was confused at winning with that!

A shout out to the Rapids, Colorado’s most recent champions | All Things Colorado Sports — Colorado sports news blog — The Denver Post - Probably not sincere, but eh.