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Colorado vs. New England - Three Questions with The Bent Musket

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It's a short rest for our boys in Burgundy as after their trip to Houston they immediately embarked to the east coast, where tomorrow they'll face the New England Revolution. As such, Steve from our fine NER blog The Bent Musket and I cobbled together some information about each others teams. (And by cobbled I mean he sent them to me and I was too busy sleeping to notice)

Check out all the info that I gave him over here on tBM, his answers to my queries about the Revs are below.

BW: How has Benny Feilhaber worked out for you guys so far? Has he slotted in and made an instant impact or has he not quite gelled with the team around him yet?

tBM: Benny has been an instant win for this squad. Despite a terribly underwhelming performance from the whole squad last weekend, Feilhaber has been a calming presence in midfield. The quality of his touch is unmistakable, and I'm not dead sure he's even misplaced a pass yet. It will take a little more time for him to get 100% on the same page with Rajko Lekic, but even now he has improved the team in some very important ways.

BW: Do you think the Revs have playoff potential this season? They certainly looked improved in some of their earlier games compared to last year.

tBM: I think the Revolution have playoff potential, but whether or not they will realize it is more difficult to predict. The team just hasn't been able to click consistently in ways that translate into good results. Until they either develop a razor-sharp counter game or start maintaining better possession, New England will end up on the outside looking in again. The potential is there, but it has yet to come together.

BW: Coming from a fan of another team that seems to oft have attendance issues, how have the crowds been looking for the Revs at home compared to last season?

tBM: Home crowds this season have been awful, actually. There was a promising 14k-ish turnout for the home opener but since then the Revolution have averaged under 10k. Weather may have something to do with it, but it's certainly not a good look for this franchise.