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Scores of Injured players could come back for Houston

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Colorado has faced an unfortunate case of the injury bug all season long, specifically at the position where they are usually strongest, striker. Conor Casey, Quincy Amarikwa and Caleb Folan (well, and Macoumba Kandji) have all missed chunks of time during the season and most recently the Chicago Fire game that saw technical 5th string striker Andre Akpan start up top with Omar Cummings. Plenty of other players have missed time as well, including Wells Thompson and Marvell Wynne, which has led to lackluster communication between the patchwork squads being thrown onto the pitch by Gary Smith.

Today against the Dynamo it's likely that we're going to see a good chunk of those injured players coming back into the starting XI. While Conor Casey might still be out injured - although he himself said that there was a small chance now that he's running again that you'll see him against Houston - but it's likely that Folan, Amarikwa, Thompson and Wynne will be back in the line-up. Considering two of those guys and likely three of them are starters - one of the strikers, Wynne and Thompson if Sanna Nyassi playing so terribly recently is to be taken into account - this is a good thing.