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Two more injuries for the Rapids after last game

Nooo, not the shoulder!
Nooo, not the shoulder!

The Rapids are getting injured to the point of no return at this point in the season and it's going from simply annoying to legitimately worrying. This last game, Colorado lost two more players, although the length of time they will be gone is not known. Colorado had already had just about every starter and several back-up players miss time this season.

Marvell Wynne played the entire 90 minutes against Sporting Kansas City, but post game comments by Gary Smith appear to suggest that he has been banged up again. He missed a chunk of time earlier in the season recovering from a quad injury in his leg, and may have had that flare up once again.

Joseph Nane was the more severe of the two injuries, playing less than ten minutes against Sporting before a collision knocked him to the pitch. He got up, but was clutching his shoulder and wincing in severe pain. He would not be missed quite as much as Wynne would, but the severity of Nane's injury will be important as his departure would mean that the Rapids are down to only a single man in the defensive midfielder depth chart, Ross LaBeaux.

These two join the long list of injured and suspended players that includes Jamie Smith, Omar Cummings, Anthony Wallace and Brian Mullan.