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Rapids fans react to the Brian Mullan/Steve Zakuani incident

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Just thought I should give a quick tip of the cap to my fellow Rapids fans who used the Chicago Fire game not just as a way to throw out their usual game-specific tifo but used it partially as a time to tribute Steve Zakuani and Brian Mullan after the terrible incident from the Seattle Sounders/Colorado Rapids game earlier in the season that resulted in a 10 game suspension for Mullan, the highest in the history of the league.

The Rapids fans made two banners, each with the players number 11 on it. Zakuani's was green with Get Well Zak written on it while a Burgundy one saying Family Stands United on it was made for Mullan. Both of these banners were signed by hundreds of Rapids fans during the pre-game tailgates by the supporters groups and both of the banners were sent to the players in question.

Hat tip to the Rapids fans who thought of this, a good way to quell frustrations and create some good will in a tough time and a tough situation.