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Another day, another draw. Colorado 1, Kansas City 1

This picture was a lot less funny before I cropped the ball out. Now it's hilarious SURPRISE BUTTSECKZ
This picture was a lot less funny before I cropped the ball out. Now it's hilarious SURPRISE BUTTSECKZ

Man cannot live on draws alone, but the Colorado Rapids certainly seem to be trying to. After drawing Sporting Kansas City in yesterday's match, the Rapids have now gone unbeaten in their last seven games but six of those matches - and the last five of those in a row - have ended in the all-mighty D in the win/loss column.

In front of a brilliantly large crowd of over 16,000 - almost unheard of for a match in such bleak weather for the Rapids - this game started off quite well for Colorado. Starting a similar formation to last weeks with Anthony Wallace back on the bench and Tyrone Marshall back in the line-up in his stead, the Rapids came out looking for blood with Conor Casey up top in his first start since the Toronto match and only third start overall of the season.

Casey finally managed to break his frustrating deadlock on goals in the 13th minute with a classic Conor Casey goal. Defender Aurelien Collin made an absolutely terrible attempt at a backpass toward his goalkeeper Jimmy Nielsen that Casey quickly zipped in and sniped away, rounding Nielsen with Collin nowhere in sight and sticking it in from the not great but acceptable angle he was given. Casey's first of the year would be the only goal for a long while in this match, but not for lack of chances. Casey continued to terrorize the back-line as the lone striker up top for the rest of the first half although he never got another chance quite as good as the first.

The second half began with an immediate sub of Sanna Nyassi, who hadn't been playing incredibly well up to that point in the game. Joesph Nane was his replacement but didn't have much time to make an impact as a collision in the 53rd minute left him clutching his shoulder and a second substitute needed to be used early on, this time for Andre Akpan as the Rapids shifted to an incredibly strange total football-esque thing that featured seemingly everyone in a midfield position at some point. Pablo Mastroeni and Ross Labeaux of all people were coming forward, Conor Casey was going out wide for crosses, it was very strange but only lasted a couple of minutes. 

Jeff Larentowicz had the best chance at making it 2-0 for Colorado in the 63rd minute when Collin made another terrible backpass, this one right to Jeff's foot. He had a 1v1 against the keeper but put the ball centimeters over the net on his shot. The Rapids would regret losing that chance pretty much immediately as Sporting took the ball up the pitch quickly and after a tangle in the box between Marvell Wynne and Kosuke Kimura, midfielder Ryan Smith took a pretty shot that Matt Pickens had no chance to stop right into the top corner of the net.

Caleb Folan came in late for Colorado giving them a 4-3-3 - their third formation change of the game after the 4-1-4-1 and 4-4-2 - but not much changed except for Colorado's possession style. Akpan and Folan did have their chances with the best being a Folan shot after settling in the box right before stoppage time, but they always seemed to get blocked or find their way wide of the net. Teal Bunbury had Sporting's best chance after the Smith goal but put it over the bar.

After yet another draw, Colorado faces a Philadelphia Union team that defeated Toronto yesterday 6-2 next Saturday.

MAN OF THE MATCH - Conor Casey. Good first goal of the year, hopefully he starts putting them in more often now.

GOAT OF THE MATCH - Kosuke Kimura. Invisible on the pitch all night long and was one of the guys involved in the tangle that led to the SKC goal.