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Gameday Linkdump

As always, we strive to give you interesting stuff to read here, so here's some of said stuff before the match today.

Barcelona vs Man Utd. Preview - - A preview of today's match that is supposedly more important than the Rapids match.

Bulldog Supporters Group " 72 Hour Game - Pretty cool, the BSG supporters group are putting together a 72 hour long football match!

Seattle Sounders at Real Salt Lake - Three Questions - Sounder At Heart - I just like the fact that they actually brought up Drogba and Forlan's names when asked who they might target in the summer. Really?

OSSIE’S DREAM: Paying for the Shirt – An entirely selective, completely biased and semi-coherent rambling on jersey sponsorship - A fun look at jersey sponsorships.

Sporting KC 5-0 New England Revolution: The Beat Down That Had Been Brewing - The Daily Wiz - The last game that the Sporks played ended quite nicely for them, 5-0 in the Open Cup!

In Lax We Trust - For Pro Lacrosse Fans - Marisa asked me nicely to link to her site, I write there as well.

Retirement waits as Marshall is reborn | Colorado Rapids - MARSHALL MARSHALL MARSHALL!

The Voyageurs Cup and the Association That's Disgracing It - Eighty Six Forever - Some good old fashioned rage after the Toronto debacle earlier in the week.