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Burgundy Wave presents the Rapids Thugcast - Episode 3

It's that time again, the most ghetto and dirtiest podcast in football comes at'cha again thanks to myself, Ben and Jed. We're actually starting to get used to doing this, I think - minus the fact that Jed's audio still sounds like he has a blender behind him the entire show, but whatayagonnado? I should probably stop forgetting to introduce myself as well for all these, but you all know who I am anyway.

Take in this week's show and you'll hear us cover such exciting topics as:
* The Toronto FC draw and the New York Red Bulls draw, along with discussion on why both of those games could actually have pretty easily been wins for the Rapids with a bit more luck.
* Ben talking about this article, where Don Garber was interviewed about expansion and pretty much killed any chance of a team not called the Cosmos being the 20th in MLS.
* Another Paul Merritt e-mail discussed by us about rooting around the lower leagues of the world's footballing community to try and find another Luke Rodgers.
* A discussion of Omar Cummings' importance - or lack thereof - to the squad.
* Previewing Sporting Kansas City on Saturday, where once again we all predicted a win (and will probably be demoralized again come next week's show. Damn you offense!)

Click the logo below to listen to this week's show!