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Short Scouting Report - Sporting Kansas City

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There are three things you really need to know about the re-named Kansas City Wizards, now known as Sporting Kansas City. First of all, their nickname is the Sporks. That's pretty awesome.

The second thing is that they have one of the best gangs of strikers in the league. Guys like Omar Bravo, Teal Bunbury, rookie CJ Sapong and Kei Kamara combine to make a ton of scoring chances for the club and produce goals every week of the fun to watch variety.

And the third thing is that they're currently on the tail end of a never-ending road trip as they wait for their new soccer specific stadium to be built in Kansas City. This road trip is taking its toll on Sporting's game, as they have only a single win in the season so far, won in the first week of the season. This team has enough talent to get by, but LiveStrong Park can't open fast enough for these poor guys.

Oh yeah, and insert Ochocinco joke here.