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Colorado Rapids vs. New York Red Bulls - Thr... uh, Two Keys to the Game

Colorado has become pretty good at drawing teams in the last few games, if you hadn't noticed. Today's match against the powerful New York Red Bulls is probably the first game in a long time that we can say that not only would a draw be an acceptable result, but probably a preferable one. Red Bull Arena is a hard place to play with the always large crowds that they draw.

Perhaps only looking for a draw is a sad sight for this team, but here's... uh, some keys that will earn them at least a point on the road.

Defend! - Last year's game at Red Bull Arena ended 3-1 in favor of the Bulls thanks to some of the worst defending by the Rapids all last season. Julien Baudet had a terrible stretch where he allowed Thierry Henry to zip past him while holding his hand in the air praying for an offside call. Mehdi Ballouchy had an even worse defensive lapse that allowed Tim Ream of all people to score. The Rapids need to hold the Bulls to a goal or less if they want to get anything out of this, and that's going to require some high class defense.

Pray to whatever god you see fit - Jamie Smith is going to miss this game, just adding to the rest of the problems with injury that this team is having. Yeah, pray to Allah, Yahweh, Zeus... whoever you'd like.

...Actually, I can't think of anything else. This game is probably going to be painful.