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Rapids will lose Marshall and Cummings to the Gold Cup

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The Gold Cup rosters were announced today (Wondolowski and Altidore are our forwards, Bradley? REALLY?!) and Colorado look like they will only be losing two players to the Gold Cup, both to Jamaica. Obviously no Americans made it because Bob Bradley hates Conor Casey and Pablo Mastroeni is about 70 years too old to be getting national team caps anymore for America.

Striker Omar Cummings and central defender Tyrone Marshall were selected to Jamaica's roster, although the Cummings selection took a while longer than we expected. The 36 year old Marshall currently has 82 caps for the Jamaican National Team, while the younger Cummings currently has 23 caps for The Reggae Boyz with six goals in his relatively short time playing for them since his rise with the Rapids.

Good luck to the two of them in the Gold Cup, but obviously not too much luck as we're still an American-centric blog and are therefore forced to root for the home side. (USA! USA!)