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Colorado Rapids vs. Toronto FC - Game Preview

Wells Thompson does his best Godzilla impression, meanwhile De Rosario is unamused.
Wells Thompson does his best Godzilla impression, meanwhile De Rosario is unamused.

The Colorado Rapids have been on a bit of a slump ever since that first three games where they scored eight goals, allowed two, and were 3-0 on the season. They have yet to score more than two goals in a game since then, have allowed two goals against them twice and have only gotten a handful of points out of the matches including only a single win, a somewhat fluky one against the Houston Dynamo 2-1 on the road.

The cure to what ails you? Hopefully, a trip back home against the faltering Toronto FC. Toronto is not only in the middle of a three game in a week run, but are going to be missing key players like Julien de Guzman and possibly Joao Plata as well. After losing Dwayne De Rosario in a trade to the New York Red Bulls, this is a team that is clearly lacking in quality on the pitch even when they're at full strength. Colorado's quality of depth has been brought into question as well with the numerous injuries suffered by the team as well, but even in a match of B-teams this ball clearly is in Colroado's court, especially since it will be in Commerce City this evening.

This should be the closest squad to the full strength Starting XI that Colorado has had out on the pitch since way back when they played against DC United before Conor Casey and Pablo Mastroeni were both injured before the FC Dallas match that ended 3-0. Two of the most important players on the team, both Casey and Mastroeni will be starting for the first time since that DC match. It's also likely that we'll see the full starting back four for the first time in a while, with Anthony Wallace likely to get the start after resting a knock on the bench for the past couple of matches, it looks like the Wallace - Drew Moor - Marvell Wynne - Kosuke Kimura line may be out in full strength. The defense hasn't been much of an issue this season allowing a mere goal per game but more quality on the pitch is never a bad thing and it's another step toward getting the starting XI back from the home opener; that's a line we've only seen a single time this season in between the injuries, suspensions and call ups from national squads.

So yeah, that was pretty much just 400 words that could be condensed into the following: Colorado really, really should win this match.

UZ'S PREDICTION - 2-0 Rapids