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Gameday Linkdump 05/22/2011

So, that rapture thing didn't happen after all, what a shame. I thought my chair was shaking, my house was burning and I saw Jesus for a bit yesterday but that was just because I had Taco Bell on Friday, I think. Either way, here's some fun football-related stuff for you to read before the game starts tonight, collected throughout the week.

Plata Receives Ecuador Call | Toronto FC - Might we not see the little Ecuadorian spitfire today? (Please?)

Vancouver vs Toronto FC Report - - Match report from the first leg of that Canadian cup.

El Piojo cerca del retiro | - Claudio Lopez, remember that guy? (This one's in Spanish!)

Stoke City to buy Rapids Strike Force Casey and Cummings - This would have been better satire had they not been so damn blatantly obvious about it. The Onion you ain't, NFA!

Colorado Rapids get CONCACAF Champions League draw with Honduras Real Espana | All Things Colorado Sports - More on our CONCACAF draw.

So You Want To Compare Houston and Dallas? - Dynamo Theory - I love this commercial.

Bemused Spencer blasts Sounders as full of excuses | - I love Spencer even more than I love that commercial.

Something to Rile Up TFC Fans - Eighty Six Forever - This was released before Vancouver blew the first leg of that cup, but I still laughed at the ROASTING.

VI Questions with Andre Akpan - Nofanalone talks with my favorite young Rapids player.

Major League Soccer for Minnesota | Major League Soccer for Minnesota - Fun site trying to get some MLS in Minnesota. I wouldn't say no!