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Burgundy Wave presents the Rapids Thugcast - Episode 2

Back for another week, and we're even worse than the last time because we have so much to talk about... plus we got a logo now, courtesy of this dude

Take in this week's show and you'll hear us cover such exciting topics as:
* The Porsche sponsorship deal (This was recorded right before they confirmed that it wasn't a jersey sponsorship so... yeah, little bit out of date on that.)
* The CCL draw for Colorado and the eventual four teams we'd most like to see
* The DC United draw, including Terry Vaughn's make-up call and how the road trip wound up successful
* A discussion on Kosuke Kimura and the defensive depth - This was a fan-requested topic, please feel free to e-mail me or Ben anything you want us to talk about on the show!
* Predictions for the Toronto FC match and some stats about the two teams fouling tendencies
* A cameo appearance by Ben's cell phone

40 minutes of half-decent show plus our usual technical errors, most of which involve Jed needing to get a new microphone and Ben sounding like he's jingling keys in front of his the entire show. Either way, click on our snazzy new logo down there to listen to the show, and we hope you enjoy this and every coming episode of the Rapids Thugcast.