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Short Scouting Report: Houston Dynamo

This picture is pretty much full of lolz
This picture is pretty much full of lolz

After last year's terrible campaign, most people wouldn't have guessed that the Houston Dynamo would be on top of the standings even in the weaker Eastern conference for any real length of time but a few good moves have given the Dynamo a new outlook and a spot atop the conference if only for a short time last week. Make no mistake, the Dynamo will be looking to make some noise this year in the playoffs and if they keep playing like they have all year so far, they will almost certainly make them.

With new keeper Tally Hall taking over the goaltending duties from old man Pat Onstead, their goals allowed have dropped quite a bit. Hall has single-handedly saved a couple of games for the boys in Orange with brilliant saves all year. Rookie Will Bruin is also starting a rookie of the year campaign with his latest game bringing a hat trick against DC United. Bruin currently leads all rookies in scoring with four goals total. Brad Davis as expected has been the engine for the powerful Dynamo offense, leading the league in assists at six.

This should be a tough match-up for Colorado, the Houston Dynamo probably won't be so kind as they were last year when they allowed Conor Casey to snag a late goal for a 2-2 draw at their house.