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Porsche? Really? Rapids possibly on verge of adding Porsche as a sponsor?

If you had me list every company that I expected to be put on the front of the Colorado Rapids jersey's as a sponsor before Porsche, I would have refused as that would have been a list of every company that exists, including Tropicana Orange Juice, most local breweries around the country, my friend's hot dog stand on 16th Street Mall and Dealin' Doug's Used Car Emporium. (Nobody beats a Dealin' Doug deal, NOBODY!)

Today on Facebook, the Rapids released a picture of Rapids players test driving Porches in the Pepsi Center parking lot. So unless the sponsor coming up is Pepsi, it's looking incredibly likely that some of the finest cars in the world will soon be adorning the front of the Rapids jerseys or at the very least as a team sponsor in the same way that Westeria Credit Union has been integrated into team announcements on the logo.

Seriously though, Porsche? At the very least, they perform better than Volkswagens! (Yes I'm still mad about the DC draw.) In all honesty this is probably just overhyping an announcement of a regular sponsorship in the same way Westeria or Coors sponsors them, but it's always fun to speculate just because of the amount of money Porsche could provide.