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Successful road trip was Successful

Pablo being back in form is one of the reasons why!
Pablo being back in form is one of the reasons why!

Rewind time back to Colorado was on an 0-3 run a few weeks ago and things weren't looking very good. The team was incredibly saturated with injuries and the offense in particular seemed to be missing Conor Casey and Pablo Mastroeni even more than we expected that they would. After finally getting a hard-earned draw against the Chicago Fire that probably should have been a win - that statistic of possession being won by Colorado almost 70-30 for a majority of the game still laughs in our face - a three game road trip was coming up, and it looked to be a toughie.

Colorado was to face the Houston Dynamo, New England Revolution and DC United on the road, all three places difficult to play for different reasons. The Rapids were still injured and didn't have their best striker Conor Casey when the trip started, and Omar Cummings was quickly removed from the Houston match as well. Sanna Nyassi, Wells Thompson, Marvell Wynne and Matt Pickens also had knocks on them of varying degrees, along with that famous suspension that Brian Mullan was still going through. For a team that has historically struggled on the road as much as Colorado has, this looked to be the start of bad times.

Luck plays a part in any team's fortunes at some point or another in every team's season. Sometimes luck can win you an MLS Cup (RSL in 2009) while sometimes it just helps you pull out some points in a game or two. Lady Luck smiled on the Rapids in Houston as in a game that the Rapids really should not have won, they pulled out 3 points thanks to a huge mistake by Tally Hall leaving the net wide open as Jamie Smith chipped it in from 40 yards out and a Scott Palguta goal that you will probably never see happen again if you watch a thousand more matches featuring Scott in them.

In places where the Rapids rarely win - Gillette and RFK Stadium - the Rapids managed hard won draws despite being fairly outplayed both games. Sure, the Rapids had their chances to win in DC, but what's done is done and looking back on it, this was an incredibly successful road trip. Five points out of three games on the road is always a good clip in MLS, and I would not have predicted that many beforehand had you asked me two weeks ago. It's good to be back home with points in your pocket.