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Colorado Rapids vs. DC United - Three Keys to the Game

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This is the first repeat match of the year, as Colorado and DC United have already faced off this season back in April. Back then, Colorado beat DC 4-1 but didn't look quite as dominant as the scoreboard would indicate. With Colorado trying for only their second win at RFK stadium since 1999, here's three ways that the Rapids can pull out some points on the road, be it just another draw similar to the Revolution game or even a rare win.

Conor Casey - I've called Conor Casey the best striker on the Rapids many, many times and though he only has a single point - an assist - in the two games he's played for the Rapids so far, but his presence up top is an incredible boost to the offense. In the two games he has played the Rapids have scored seven goals, while they've only scored four goals in the six games he hasn't, a harrowing statistic. Caleb Folan's two goals on the season both came with Casey on the field with him, as did one of Omar Cummings' two goals. Having him back on the pitch is certainly going to help, but we can't afford to see him go down injured again. Getting a goal for Casey in this match will be very important in getting his form back to the way it was last year.

Forget About The Last Match - The last match against DC United was an interesting one to say the least, with Colorado looking pretty good but needing a late offensive boost to defeat DC United 4-1. DC didn't look like game winners for more than a few minutes in that match, but this is not the same squad as last time that Colorado will be facing at RFK. Besides the obvious reason that Charlie Davies didn't make the trip to Colorado for that match, very few of the players who started against Colorado last time will be playing against Colorado this time. The Rapids can't afford to think of this DC squad as "The team we already beat 4-1" and look ahead to Toronto.

Possession - Colorado needs to get a point out of this game as much as any game they've played this season, so a draw could be a decent result. As such, the dangerous DC offense is going to need to be stifled since the Rapids offense is famously ineffective on the road. The easiest way to keep them off the board is to play the same game that they played against Chicago, a very high possession game that might not necessarily make a lot of chances on goal, but will certainly keep the ball off of Charlie Davies and Josh Wolff's feet.