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Introducing the Rapids Thugcast - Burgundy Wave's own podcast

...This is where our logo would be if we had a logo. (Make us one? :3)

That's right, Burgundy Wave has joined the fray of blogs with voiced programs now. Introducing the podcast that absolutely nobody was asking for, the Rapids Thugcast! We've taken the ironic #RapidsThugLife meme so far that we've named our podcast after it, that's right.

Today on our first ever show, we discuss:
*Marcos Mondaini's - a name which none of us can pronounce -  4 game suspension vs. Brian Mullan's 10 gamer and why the MLS screwed up.
*The injury situation and the sudden emergence of Andre Akpan.
*Some predictions for the upcoming DC United match this Saturday.

This being our first ever podcast together with Me, Ben and Jed, I'd say it actually went surprisingly smoothly. Hopefully you enjoy it, feel free to levy your comments and criticisms on our ghetto, terrible technological skills below! Some day, we might even figure out how to actually distribute this on iTunes... you know, like actual Podcasts do.

Click this link to check it out here!