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Colorado remains unfortunately ineffective, drawing Chicago 1-1

Not a prediction of the final score from the boys in the terraces, just a little Zakuani-Mullan tribute.
Not a prediction of the final score from the boys in the terraces, just a little Zakuani-Mullan tribute.

Colorado and Chicago are quite good at drawing each other, if you hadn't heard. With the game today, the two teams have now drawn the last three straight matches with tonight's coming 1-1 after a strange game in both refereeing and playing for both sides. With so many players out due to injury, guys like Andre Akpan and Tyrone Marshall were forced to play in the first team today, with varying results.

The game began with a torrent of Rapids attacks in the cold air. Chances continued to come but continued to either be stifled by miscommunication or just simply put too far out of the way to go in for an early goal. Meanwhile, Chicago had mostly bad chances all game until Marco Pappa wound up all alone in front off a great cross into the box and stashed it home with no problems in the 43rd minute. Tyrone Marshall earned a tough yellow card early in the half and Drew Moor recieved another in stoppage time in quite possibly the tamest event I've ever seen get a card. I still have no idea what the foul was for, in fact.

In the second half, Colorado looked frustrated and broken for the first couple of minutes after allowing the goal and taking another half into their scoreless streak. Fortunately, Andre Akpan of all people took initiative and made a fantastic run into the box that led to a rocket of a goal in the 49th minute. After that the game continued to be just as chippy as it was in the first half, but very few goal opportunities were created on anything except for set pieces. Akpan had the Rapids best chance after the goal with a header that went over the bar on a set-piece cross from Jamie Smith, but to no avail.

Colorado finally got a hard earned point out of a game, a change of pace from the last three games where there were both no goals and no points. I wouldn't have put money on the man who is essentially our 5th string striker ending the scoreless streak, but I've said many times that Akpan has the best potential of any of our young strikers past Casey and Cummings and he showed us some of it tonight. The problem is that we have nothing past him on the depth chart. Let's hope that injuries don't continue to ravage this squad. With the next several games on the road - the Rapids don't play at home again until late May - it's good that the Rapids have managed to kill the scoreless streak and get a point out before the road trip begins.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Andre Akpan. The guy played incredibly well today for his first ever Rapids start against a Chicago team that ain't no slouch. His goal was brilliant as well. I'm not feeling too bad about seeing him more often, even over Quincy Amarikwa.

GOAT OF THE MATCH: Jamie Smith. Ugh. We're back to 2010 again, I see. Jamie was terrible, singlehandedly killing brilliant passing sequences all game long. His crosses weren't terrible but only one of them materialized into anything that resembled a chance.