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Gamethread - Chicago @ Colorado

I'm in the pressbox today so I'll actually be keeping tabs on this thing for once :o

As per usual, this is the thread to talk about the game here at DSGP before, during and after the proceedings have happened. Hopefully it won't be full of angry Fire fans talking about how bad this blog is like the Sounders game was. Although, that would be at the very least kind of funny.

Hot Time In Old Town's projected Starting XI: Johnson/ Anibaba, Cuesta, Mikulic, Segares/ Nyarko, Husidic, Paladini, Pappa/ Chaves, Puerari

Rapids Starting XI: Pickens; Kimura, Marshall, Moor, Wallace; Nyassi, Larentowicz, Mastroeni, Smith; Akpan, Cummings

Way too many guys injured there in our lineup to make me feel safe about winning this one. Go Rapids regardless.