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An unfortunate incident clouds a 1-0 loss by the 10 man Rapids

Really the only part of this game that anyone will remember.
Really the only part of this game that anyone will remember.

Looking simply at the score-sheet for today's game you would see a 1-0 loss by the Rapids who went down a man early on in the match but played fairly well for the next 87 minutes, coming unfortunately short of a draw. Sadly, this match was far more than that, thanks to an unfortunate incident that may have sidelined Steve Zakuani for at least 12 weeks and maybe the entire season if the injury is as bad as it looked.

In the third minute of the match, Brian Mullan got weakly fouled with no call, something we see in pretty much every football match that has ever been played. Unfortunately, the usually cool and collected Mullan lost himself in the moment and came in to make a hard retribution tackle on Zakuani, missing the ball but catching all of Zakuani's leg and... well, you're going to have to watch the replay of the injury, because it really was a terrible sight to see. His leg looked like something you would see in a Gumby cartoon, the way it bent. Mullan was immediately red carded and the Rapids were down a man only three minutes into the game as Zakuani left on a stretcher. The injury appears to be a broken tibia and fibula in his leg, which could take a very, very long time to heal.

In the 19th minute, the Rapids - still playing lackadaisical after the red card - had a small defensive breakdown between Marvell Wynne and Tyrone Marshall that allowed Freddy Montero an open if not slightly long shot on goal. The strong shot looked to be stopped by Matt Pickens but somehow found its way through his legs and into the net, for the only goal of the game.

The Rapids played fairly well for the rest of the game considering they were down a man, even getting a couple of fine chances on the net that tested Kasey Keller fairly well. Pablo Mastroeni got the start but wasn't his usual self, obviously still feeling some rust from that hip injury that kept him out of the team for two weeks. Wells Thompson and Sanna Nyassi subbed into the game late for Pablo and Jamie Smith, and Wells had one of the best chances of the night blocked by the Sounders defense as the seconds of regular time died off. An all right result for the Rapids all things considered, as they played about as well as a team with only 10 men can, only giving up a single goal off a goalkeeping error and actually holding a very respectable amount of possession as the game went along. Honestly it really doesn't matter since no matter what the result had been, Mullan would be overshadowing the whole thing.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Kosuke Kimura. One of the big reasons that the game never got over 1-0, and one of the biggest driving forces in the attacking chances that the Rapids were able to achieve

GOAT OF THE MATCH: Brian Mullan. He will almost certainly get at least a three game suspension out of that - and that's bare minimum - and I wouldn't be surprised to see more. It wasn't a truly malicious intent by Brian but the tackle was still simply stupid and an uncharacteristically bi-polar sort of moment for him.