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Colorado Rapids vs. Seattle Sounders preview

Pablo might be back!
Pablo might be back!

In the last two years, the Colorado Rapids have lost a grand total of two games at home in Commerce City, including two playoff matches. Both games ended 1-0, a game against last year's Supporter's Shield winning Los Angeles Galaxy side and an unfortunate late season drop to DC United when Gary Smith rolled out a B-team of starters that included Wells Thompson, Danny Earls and Scott Palguta. After two straight losses, it should be a welcome homecoming for the boys in burgundy as they face the Seattle Sounders tonight at 7:30 PM.

The Rapids have dropped their last two games on the road - although the second of them should have been a draw by pretty much every stretch of the imagination - mostly because of their injured captain, Pablo Mastroeni. Pablo should be back for this game, so that's one problem down. Injuries to Conor Casey and Quincy Amarikwa make them confirmed to be out of the game, while Anthony Wallace - whose leg was injured during the FC Dallas game at Pizza Hut Park - was on the bench last game against Salt Lake and might very well be back for the game tonight. If not, it's likely that former Sounder Tyrone Marshall will get his second straight start in central defense.


In other news, I find it funny that Seattle fans who have been so vehemently claiming all season long that their offensive struggles are just simply bad luck and great goalkeeping - they were totally a top side in preseason, trust me! - can possibly look at Colorado's game against Salt Lake last week and say that it was just a case of "they stumbled when they actually ran into a good team" with a straight face.