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Stan Kroenke may soon own all of Arsenal FC

Still the best mustache in Denver sports, soon to be the best mustache in London?
Still the best mustache in Denver sports, soon to be the best mustache in London?

Colorado Rapids owner and one of the biggest names in the history of Denver sports Stan Kroenke has decided to take over even more of London based football club Arsenal after buying Danny Fiszman and Lady Bracewell-Smith's shares in Arsenal, which equal 32% of the whole thing. That will give Kroenke a total of 62% of the Arsenal pie with his already-owned 30%. (29.9%, whatever.) Technically nothing is official yet and there won't be any announcement until tomorrow, but it seems likely that a full blown takeover of the Gunners will be happening soon enough since he will have such a big majority. Kroenke certainly doesn't have any problems with throwing money out to get what he wants in that regard.

Colorado probably won't see any change after this - perhaps the partnership between the two teams will become stronger than before in some way with trials for Rapids players over in London or something of the sort - but it's nice to know that Stan's stake in the game of football is ever growing and perhaps this means he will continue to work with making the Rapids a top club in MLS, something that seemed somewhat unlikely as early as a few years ago when he was pumping all of his money into the Nuggets and a share in Arsenal was not on the radar.

If nothing else, Coloradans new to football will probably continue to flock to being Arsenal fans. Speaking of which, for those of you out there who are Rapids/Arsenal fans, have you visited The Short Fuse?