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Arsenal Partnership bearing fruit?

This is very preliminary; however, it's too good a story not to post.

Apparently, the scouting mission that Gary Smith was sent to set up for Rapids' Partner Club, Arsenal FC, is bearing some fruit for the Colorado club.

Sources close to the two clubs have said that there has been talk about the new Rapids youngster from Metro State: Steven Emory.

A source close to Neil Banfield, the longtime and current reserve team coach at Arsenal FC claimed that Banfield was keen on Emory, and was prepared to approach the Rapids with an offer for his services. 

The Rapids have yet to issue an official comment on the matter, but sources close to the club have claimed that the Rapids are willing hear Arsenal's offer for the young midfielder--provided that they meet the needs of the club. Emory would be the second major signing from the Rapids in recent memory: the other being Marcus Hahnemann's transfer to Premier League stalwarts Fulham.

Keep in mind, this is very preliminary, and perhaps this will only result in a trial. But things just can't seem to stop getting better for the Metro State man.