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Colorado drops its first proper preseason game 1-0 to San Jose

The scrimmages in Arizona were a nice distraction but the preseason proper has begun now as the Rapids have traveled to California with the team that they'll be using in the actual season - which starts in only two weeks! -
and are now playing preseason games. Tonight's game was the first of three preseason games that the Rapids will play, they dropped the game earlier today 1-0 to the San Jose Earthquakes.

The lone goal of the game came on a Penalty Kick forced by Ellis McLaughlin who was tied up in the box by Marvell Wynne. 2010 Golden Boot winner and MVP candidate Chris Wondolowski scored the lone goal of the game on the ensuing PK. Colorado could not get one past Jon Busch for the rest of the game, but it wasn't for lack of chances. The Conor Casey / Omar Cummings duo as well as Jamie Smith and Drew Moor all had fantastic chances that were either saved or drifted inches wide of one of the pieces of woodwork. They tried shooting, but it didn't work well.

Colorado will face Seattle and Vancouver as their final two preseason games leading up to First Kick on March 19th against the Portland Timbers.