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Colorado's second team falls to Chicago 2-1

If you didn't see this coming, raise your hand.

All right, now everyone with their hand raised, kindly leave the room. The Rapids - traditionally a squad that hasn't had much to say about the US Open Cup - started their second team today against an almost fully first squaded Chicago Fire and lost predictably, 2-1.

Gaston Puerari and Jalil Anibaba scored for the Fire, sandwiching a goal from Andre Akpan, his first goal ever in a professional match for the Rapids. New signing Josh Janniere made his first appearance as a Rapid in the 80th minute. Still, the Rapids will once again not be advancing into the tournament - I believe this is the fifth year in a row now they haven't made it past the prelims - and fighting for the oldest trophy in American soccer. This loss does at least break their streak of winning their first play-in game only to lose the second. Stop the pain early, I say!

The Rapids first team will be back to face DC United in a league match on Sunday.