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Chivas USA v Rapids 0-1: Game Recap (in Iambic Pentameter)

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I said to UZ that I would write this recap in iambic pentameter, and I did. If it doesn't make total sense, I'll give you a summary:

The Rapids won, but not by as much as I'd hoped.

It was a fantastic display from the younger players: Anthony Wallace and Quincy Amarikwa were especially bright this evening.

Terrible pitch conditions made for some terrible soccer at times, and for a lot of fouls, many of which I thought were unfairly judged to be bookable offenses for the Rapids... and not severe enough for Justin Braun's assault on Wallace and Brian Mullan.

In the end, it's a win. Gary Smith gambled on his youth and on the depth of his bench and he was rewarded with three points. And the Rapids find themselves in a tangle with Real Salt Lake atop the Western Conference.

And now... the show...

Forsooth! again went I to watch the Rapids,

Down to the pub where drank I foamed beer,

And all about me were assembled friends—

We sat in breathless anticipation.


Surprise from Smith: the group he chose to start,

Had neither Casey nor Omar up top—

Though Omar had duty with Jamaica—

And show’d his confidence for depth in bench,

Amarikwa and Folan got the start.


From the first kick the game looked wide open:

A slipr’y pitch made for a chippy game.

Larentowicz looked rusty on the ball,

And Mullan gave away as much as won,

Amarikwa looked bright and dangerous

(He’s surely please’d with getting his first start),

but Folan looked as if he’d lost the plot.


So Chivas press’d, but could not find a shot,

But Midfield swarm’d awash with red and white.

The Rapids found a goal through Smith’s service:

A perfect pass to release Quincy through,

Where Quincy took the ball past Zack Thornton—

Releas’d his shot into an open net,

And danc’d to celebrate his hard won goal.


The Rapids took their lead into the half,

But Chivas would come out to equalize:

Through stalwart play, down the left side they came—

To test young Wallace—and the fullback press’d

Up the pitch though under great duress.

The whole defense was stellar on the night,

And counted for much of the Rapids’ win.


Twas late in the game, and Chivas desp’rate,

The Cards were brandish’d, seeming without sense:

Fourteen fouls for each team upon the pitch.

For Casey, it was not but few moments

til yellow card fell upon shaven pate.

And Justin Braun should count himself lucky,

when only yellow card was shown to him.

Our Wallace was shown a card for delay,

Though not but a few seconds could have passs’d…




Tonight was the night for Rapids’ youth,

Through Wallace and Amarikwa, we won.

And Gary Smith gamble at last paid off,

We left with three points in our hands.


So Chivas will go home to rue miss’d chance,

But lacking in offense, they could not score,

And they play’d their defensive line too high,

Though Rapids did not threaten near enough.