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Game Preview - Colorado Rapids @ Chivas USA

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The Colorado Rapids' road record last year was 4-6-5 and they won the MLS Cup. If Colorado wants to be considered for another MLS Cup and especially the Supporters Shield, Colorado is going to have to improve on the road mark, and they can start today against Chivas USA. Colorado has had Chivas' number in recent years, to the point where Chivas have not defeated the Rapids since the salad days of 2009.

Colorado will be without their best striker Omar Cummings, he'll be playing with the Jamaican national squad. Sanna Nyassi will be with The Gambia as well. New signing Caleb Folan could replace Cummings, especially if Conor Casey is injured. Fellow newbie and Metro State alum Steven Emory may be taking the place of Nyassi, or perhaps Davy Armstrong will get his first bench appearance with the squad. Wells Thompson is still the most likely first man off the bench on the wing regardless of Nyassi's replacement. Chivas on the other side will be missing a couple of defenders to call ups and injury.

The Rapids are coming off a 3-1 demolishing of the Portland Timbers in their home opener while Chivas lost 3-2 to Sporting Kansas City in their first home game. With Chivas not predicted to be much of a threat to anyone this season, scoring two goals against a good Sporting side might provide some optimism for Goats fans this season. Against the current champs it might be a bit much to expect as good a game as they saw last week, but with the Rapids on the road you never can be sure.