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Danny Earls in camp with the Rapids

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A couple of days before the season started Colorado announced that not only was new striker signing Caleb Folan training with the team but former Rapids left back prospect Danny Earls was in the camp with them as well. It seems that after a short time with no news on the matter, Earls appears to be on the verge of going back onto his former team after being jettisoned immediately after the season last year in a trade to the Seattle Sounders along with Julien Baudet.

Earls was the Rapids starter at left back for the majority of last season before his confidence and talent failed him and allowed Anthony Wallace to get a strangle-hold on the position late in the season all the way up until the MLS Cup Final. With very little to speak of depth-wise on the left back position except for maybe Scott Palguta, Earls would provide a much needed bench presence again, especially since he already knows and has played with the majority of the Rapids before with success.