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Caleb Folan may start against Chivas USA in Cummings' absence

Cummings will miss the next game.
Cummings will miss the next game.

You may have noticed that highly touted Rapids signing Caleb Folan wasn't on the bench yesterday against the Portland Timbers, much to the chagrin of the Rapids fans who had hoped to see him sub in around the 75th minute rather than Quincey Amarikwa. There may be a method to Gary Smith's madness in keeping Folan out and fresh, as we're incredibly likely to see his first MLS action come against Chivas USA this weekend.

Omar Cummings has been called up to the Jamaican national squad for the week, leaving the striker position empty for the moment next to Conor Casey. This could mean one of two things. Either Gary Smith is planning on sending out Quincey Amarikwa or Andre Akpan in Cummings' stead to fit the role of "quicker but smaller guy" or Gary Smith plans to put Folan out there and lay a world of hurt on the Chivas defense. One big guy like Casey is tough to defend, but two guys like that will be an interesting system if Gary Smith decides to go with it. Either way, it's incredibly unlikely that we won't finally see our biggest offseason signing for the first time this Saturday in the Home Depot Center.

Sanna Nyassi will also miss time after being called to his homeland of Gambia, both players will be back in time for the DC United game on April 3rd.