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Report: Caleb Folan to sign with Colorado Rapids tomorrow

The Colorado Rapids have spent the entire offseason courting Hull striker Caleb Folen to add to their already deep strike force. A deal has been talked about for quite a while now with coach Gary Smith saying at one point that he was '90% sure we'd see a deal for him soon" but there were few developments that were actually visible to the fans after he left the team after a successful trial during the preseason scrimmages in Arizona.

Today Colorado released a fairly cryptic yet glaringly obvious tweet about a 'tall irishman' coming 'back to Colorado'. With Danny Earls not being described as tall by most people with eyes there was little doubt who that tweet was referring to. Rapids beat writer Nick Thomas tweeted that there would be an announcement tomorrow and that pretty much killed any doubts that were left. Caleb Folan will most likely be a Colorado Rapid tomorrow unless we've completely lost reading comprehension here.