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Danny Earls may be a Rapid again soon.

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Colorado began the offseason with a quick trade with the Seattle Sounders, jettisoning defenders Julien Baudet and Danny Earls for defensive midfielder Peter Vagenas. None of those three players remain with the teams they were traded to as Vagenas was ignored after getting traded over, eventually being released. Baudet and Earls both tried and failed to crack the Seattle line-up, being released as well. Bland story, right? Well, one of the three players in that trade might well be back to his old roots soon, if the Rapids twitter feed is to be believed.

Yesterday the Rapids held a practice with the squad split up into halves, and none other than Danny Earls was surprisingly practicing again with the boys. Is Danny Earls making a comeback to the Rapids?

The still very young 21 year old Irishman Earls showed some skill in his time with the Rapids before completely falling apart late in the season last year. If he is a Rapid again he will provide some much needed depth in the LB position and can once again try and take the spot back that he lost to Anthony Wallace last season.