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A Rapid (Puns!) Look at Cardiff City's Martin John

The Colorado Rapids are currently scouting Cardiff's left back and University of Buffalo alumnus Martin John. Upon learning this, I scrambled over to twitter and got a few words out of Nathan Walker, writer of Cardiff Blue Army, about the guy that it looks like Gary Smith is planning on getting a hold of in the middle of this year's MLS campaign.

It wasn't a very thorough questionnaire I sent, but we don't know whether the guy will be a Rapid for sure yet. My couple of queries and his responses after the jump!

UZ: I'd like to know is what sort of defender John is, an attacking fullback who prefers to get forward or a straight hardnosed defender perhaps?

Nathan: Martin John is a very able defender in the attacking sense. He has quick feet and very good pace which is rare in a left back in Britain. If I remember rightly he was injured for most of the 2nd half in his only appearance for Cardiff but played on well which shows that the boy has heart!.

UZ: Was the reason he was kept off the Cardiff first team more often than not more because of the talent of the men that were in front of him or because of his own inability to earn the role of starting left back for the Bluebirds?

Nathan: With the departures of other left backs Mark Kennedy and Tony Capaldi, John looked like he would fill in as LB for the season. However an injured start to the season saw him fall behind the pecking order. We signed Lee Naylor and also had McNaughton, Quinn and Matthews who could play at LB. That meant that he was around 3rd or 4th choice left back and had no real chance of breaking in.

People may argue that our manager is very stubborn and that will always stick by his 'friend' player. EG Naylor who is actually woeful but started nearly every game for 7 months as our gaffa is friends with him. Its also good knowing that he was part of Newport team that were top of the league whilst he was there, Unfortunately due to players and staff leaving they are falling behind. 
UZ: Perhaps you followed him at least tangentially when he was on loan to Newport?

He looked like a good player in his debut but never really had a chance. I have no doubt he would cut it in the MLS.
Thanks again to Nathan for helping out here. Sounds like Gary's got his eye on a pretty good guy.