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Hello, Reader. Welcome to

Good evening, morning or whatever the case may be at present, welcome to Burgundy Wave.

My name is Chris "UZ" White, owner and managing editor of Burgundy Wave. You've probably stumbled onto this site because I gave you one of my business cards featuring Burgundy Wave's logo and this URL on it. If you are disinterested in reading about the Rapids, please feel free to leave now, forever hold your peace and never think about it again.

This is the Colorado Rapids affiliate on, a fantastic network of blogs that covers just about every sport in America and has a separate blog for every team in every league. Covering the MLS Champs, I am ashamed to say that this blog - despite attempting to put out quality, timely pieces on our Rapids and in most cases succeeding if some of the reviews from the other bloggers are any indication - we are the least read blog AND the least commented on blog of the entire MLS community here. As the cup champs, that saddens me.

This is a blog unlike most other Rapids blogs out there. NoFanAlone is a great blog but meant for Class VI members to read. The Bulldog Supporters Group have a great blog featuring writings from our own Ben Kowalsky but again, it's meant only for the supporters group it's named for. And none of these blogs cover everything that happens at every moment of this team. That's what we're striving for here at BW. We're trying to be the #1 source for news, views and discussion on your boys in burgundy. This blog belongs to no supporters group. This blog covers everything Rapids related we can as quickly as we can. Ian Joyce stub his toe in practice? You'll see it here.

I feel that the Colorado Rapids fanbase has this year to shine. We're in the limelight this season as cup champs, and all eyes will be upon us. This includes our games, our supporters groups and our blogs. Whenever I go to or - the excellent SBnation blogs for the Sounders and Timbers - I am awestruck at their readership. It may sound greedy, but I want to be among them. I want to have thousands of readers a day and comments on all the articles with fans talking amongst themselves about their team and the current pride of our state. That's why I've been giving out the business cards to Rapids fans all over Denver. If I only gain two new members from the plethora of cards I've given out, I will consider it a success.

If you would like, make an account - it's easy and free - and take a look around. Read some of our articles, maybe learn something about the squad or teach our staff something we don't know yet! Maybe talk in one of the gamethreads when the Rapids are on the road or at home if you can't make the game! Check out our collaborations with the other excellent blogs, almost every MLS club has got one by now and the other bloggers are always happy to have a chat about our teams before games. SBnation is made to be run not just by fans but for fans and you are part of that equation. The comments system and the fanpost system were both made for audience participation. This could just be the UZ one man pony show but it's not meant to be that way.

Please, join me for the 2011 campaign and beyond on Burgundy Wave, together we can build the best community of Rapids fans on the internet. If you have a question please feel free to email me at

Go Rapids.